Change Costing Method from FIFO to Average Costing

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Sujith posted on 2013-5-16 16:56 rated by 0 users


I am using Ms. Dynamics Nav 2009 R2 and my costing method followed currently is FIFO for my inventory and I want to change this to Average Costing.

When I try to change it shows the below error: You cannot change Costing Method because there are one or more open ledger entries for this item.

How can I change the Costing Method? Kindly help


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there are several thread available in the forum where you can find interesting tips,

I strongly advise you to make a test db and test.


Microsoft suggest the following steps:
1. negative adj the item to zero. 
1a. make sure there are no partial po / so / to. 
2. run ACIE. 
3. renumber the item and block. 
4. create new item. 
5. positive adjust inventory

6. run ACIE


If you don't want create new items you can try:

1. negative adj the item to zero. 
1a.. make sure there are no partial po  /so / to
2. run ACIE. 
3. change item cost (via sql) 
4. positive adjust inventory

5. run ACIE


Good luck!

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It is showing message because you are trying to change the costing method for those item which is having inventory .IF you want to change the method then system will automatically adjust the cost according to new method



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