Enterprise Portal- AXGridView "There was an error rendering control. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Child"

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Kaarthic Sathyamurthy posted on 2012-12-5 10:58

When I use AXGridView in User control, I get this error "There was an error rendering control. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Child". I went ahead and tested the User control in Visual studio, the aspx page was able to render the page with data in grid.

But, it does not load in Enterprise portal. The page becomes corrupt after adding this User control.

Request your suggestions!

More Details: Ax SP1 RU6 2009

                Windows Server 2008 R2, 62 bit version

                Visual Studio 2008 professional edition



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Chetesh D. Birje replied on 2012-12-7 12:37


Check this link..It should help...

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