AX2012 - Copy BOM/ Route from One Company to Another Company

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lee posted on 2012-9-10 7:21


Can the BOM/ Route detail copy from one company to the other company? I do know the copy BOM/ Route function available but is within the company. Does AX has this function across the company?



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Alexey replied on 2013-11-6 12:49

I am currently wondering about the same. Hope someone knows the answer.

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Solution (Not Verified) Thomas Post replied on 2013-11-6 15:13
Suggested by Thomas Post


I don't think such a function exists accross companies, I had the same requirement and I used excel to export datas and reimport in the other company

in Administration/Periodic/data Export/import

Create new definition group then export the definition group and import in the new company

BOM/Route tables list you need to export (in AX 2009):

BOM - BOMTable - BOMVersion

Route - RouteTable - RouteVersion

Hope it helps



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Solution (Not Verified) AdamRoue replied on 2013-11-6 21:17
Suggested by Alexey

CU7 incorporates the DIEF option and it is suggested you can copy between companies. What and how is another matter Big Smile

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