Not able to scan Barcode, generated by AX

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kaushik posted on 2012-2-16 12:45 rated by 0 users

Dear All,

The barcode generated using Ax is not being detected by the barcode scanner. I have bought a barcode scanner yesterday and tested it on various price labels, it was working fine but it not able to scan the barcode generated by the AX .

I have used the folowing 2 codes yet it was not working


Display str ShowBarcode()
   BarcodeCode128 MyBarcode;
   MyBarcode= BarcodeCode128::construct();
   return MyBarCode.barcodeStr();

Display str ShowBarcode_1()
     return "*"+strupr(InventTable_1.ItemId)+"*";


Please help it the printer issue because the barcode scanner (Symbol)  works fine since i have tested.

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