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Mike posted on 2011-2-8 23:56 rated by 0 users

Hi, new to Dynamics AX and had a question. The projects form, on the general tab, shows a responcibility section. In that, you can identify who the sales or project manager is. My question is this: Our system shows a number for that value and not a name. Is there a way to show the name instead?  I am an end user. If that cant be done, how can I add a column in the grid view to show the name too? I am learning a lot about the system, but need this to be corrected badly, as the users might revolt on me!!! Surprise

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mike,


You can override the "Look up" method for these fields in the ProjTable Form Data source. 

For Example :

public void lookup(FormControl _formControl, str _filterStr)


 SysTableLookup          sysTableLookup;

 Query                   query = new Query();

 QueryBuildDataSource    qdb;

 QueryBuildRange         queryBuildRange;


 qdb = query.addDataSource(tablenum(Tablename));


 sysTableLookup = SysTableLookup::newParameters(tablenum(Tablename), _formControl);

 // Keep on adding whatever fields you want to come in the grid



// Add a Range if required.

 queryBuildRange         = qdb.addRange(fieldnum(Tablename, Field)); 







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