Inventory dimensions check on form

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2011-5-25 16:30
baxik posted on 2010-5-21 12:28 | Locked

Hi Guys,

I am creating a form having Item, dimensions and dimension display button on it, but I have some troubles with dimension validations:

- I have two DS on it MyTable and InventDim connected by inner join
- write and validateWrite methods are updated so the saving of dimensions work properly
- Item field on MyTable is named ItemId which enables relation checking
- dimension display botton works OK
- I have updateDesign method run from form init (using InventDimCtrl_Frm class)

Everything works fine except for validations of dimensions when they are set as mandatory - i.e. I am able to save a line without setting siteId eventhough it is mandatory parameter.

Does anybody know what I am overlooking? Where this check must be set (I thought it is part of InventDimCtrl_Frm..?). Even some guide for would be OK.


Solution (Verified) Verified Solution

23 Posts
620 Points
Joined: 2008-10-16
Last Online:
2011-5-25 16:30
Solution (Verified) baxik replied on 2010-5-26 9:45 | Locked
Verified by baxik

Eventually I chose simpliest solution which was to put the validations on validateWrite where I call dimension validation methods on InventDim, works good...

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