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Location: Australia
Georgie Posted: 2012-11-30 23:55

We require a LS Retail consultant to help us with customised reports, DD functionality as well as ongoing support.  We currently have 3 Offline POS which requires DD and we need weekly support to maintain our systems as well as customising reports.  We are growing so more POS will be implemented soon. We would prefer to work with someone in Australia but open to options if the contractor suits our requirements.  This will be an ongoing support role on a weekly adhoc basis.  You must have MS NAV experience as well as we have MS NAV as our financial and warehousing solution. 

Please contact me on my email address


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Erik P. Ernst replied on 2012-12-7 13:49

Please always follow the guide lines when posting a job. Always write in the subject job title, location and job type (perm/project).

And don't post the same job twice.

Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,
Erik P. Ernst

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