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michael Posted: 2010-1-20 2:56 | Locked


Just want to know how to import a .xls G/L entries in the Charts of Accounts


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Louie YAO replied on 2010-1-20 3:51 | Locked

You have to :

- create a Excel template 
- create a new report program to import the excel data into NAV

We have succeed to create both of above to import Journals from Excel. Cool

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Modris Ivans replied on 2010-1-20 4:36 | Locked

how to import a .xls G/L entries

NEVER do that! No Ledger table and ESPECIALLY GL Ledger table can't be manipulated in such a way!

Imported data MUST go trough corresponding Journals - you import data to the Journal, and then POST it to create entries in Ledger tables. Otherwise you will make your database corrupt in 5 seconds!

How to perform this task - please search the forum, there are many threads about it - I simply posted this quick answer ASAP to stop you before things haven't got too bad...

Modris Ivans
MCP-Dynamics NAV Application

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1.product and DB version;
2.locale, or use International Forums

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30 Posts
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Joined: 2009-11-27
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2011-3-4 2:44
Location: manila philippines
michael replied on 2010-1-20 6:44 | Locked

Hello Modris

Thanks for that I haven't start to do the earlier reply. I want to know actually how to import a G/L account into a COA i mean new import of COA. Coz there is no import export option in the COA. how in the world to import a .xls COA template in Navision.



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2010-7-29 11:39
jsrark replied on 2010-1-21 14:37 | Locked

During system migrations we always import data into Navisin using a General Journal.

First creat all the GL accounts that you need and the Posting Groups.

Look at the General Journal and see what fields are needed (the Journal Form will show that). It is always a good idea to enter and post a Journal to see how the system works.

Then you need a dataport that reads a txt or csv file into the general journal.

This may not have detailed answers but it is much better when you find out how the system works.

And it is especially important to understand about the data that is imported into the General Ledger.




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teena replied on 2010-1-25 9:26 | Locked


I am also new to navision 2009. I would like to know how to import a chart of accounts from excel to Navision. Can someone please help me?





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