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Forums about the local versions of Microsoft Dynamics. If you have questions about functionality made especially for one country (localized), typically this is local sales tax/vat type of changes, but also many other, such as add-ons only available in one country. It's allowed to post in the local languages in the International Dynamics Forums.
Topics Replies Last Post
comprar pasaporte falso permiso de conducir tarjera d'identidad Unanswered
Posted to Foros Dynamics Españoles (Spanish Dynamics Forum) by brian on 2015-6-24 22:44
0 2015-6-24 22:44
by brian
Localizzazione Italiana Dynamics AX 2012 Unanswered
Posted to Forum Dynamics Italiano (Italian Dynamics Forum) by Dario Tommasi on 2015-6-16 1:47
0 2015-6-16 1:47
by Dario Tommasi
Intrastat - Addebito Articolo Unanswered
Posted to Forum Dynamics Italiano (Italian Dynamics Forum) by Davide Gianardi on 2015-6-14 11:34
0 2015-6-14 11:34
by Davide Gianardi
Comprar pasaportes falsos, licencias de conducir, tarjetas de identidad... Unanswered
Posted to Foros Dynamics Españoles (Spanish Dynamics Forum) by brian on 2015-6-2 22:50
0 2015-6-2 22:50
by brian
Calcolo LIFO Unanswered
Posted to Forum Dynamics Italiano (Italian Dynamics Forum) by Avantiunaltro on 2015-5-27 21:48
3 2015-5-28 14:03
by Avantiunaltro
Interface Navision and RTGS Unanswered
Posted to Indian Dynamics Forum by katshunga on 2015-5-20 8:27
0 2015-5-20 8:27
by katshunga
problema de grabado Unanswered
Posted to Foros Dynamics Españoles (Spanish Dynamics Forum) by luis vazquez on 2015-4-21 23:32
0 2015-4-21 23:32
by luis vazquez
call a script from visual basic Unanswered
Posted to USA Dynamics Forum by luis vazquez on 2015-3-31 21:48
0 2015-3-31 21:48
by luis vazquez
como llamar un scrip Unanswered
Posted to Foros Dynamics Españoles (Spanish Dynamics Forum) by luis vazquez on 2015-3-31 17:38
0 2015-3-31 17:38
by luis vazquez
Begynder forum? Unanswered
Posted to Dansk Dynamics Forum (Danish Dynamics Forum) by Thomas Nielsen on 2015-3-27 15:47
0 2015-3-27 15:47
by Thomas Nielsen
Forums Latest post Threads Posts
No unread posts Forum Dynamics Italiano (Italian Dynamics Forum)
In questo forum potete porre qualsiasi domanda riguardante la localizzazione italiana dei prodotti Microsoft Dynamics.
Moderated by Anna Perotti.
Localizzazione Italiana...
2015-6-16 1:47
929 3,704
No unread posts Deutschsprachiges Dynamics Forum (German Dynamics Forum)
In diesem Forum können Sie Ihre ganzen Fragen zu den Microosft Dynamics Produkten auf deutsch stellen.
Moderated wanted, please contact the webmaster.
2014-7-11 14:25
410 1,686
No unread posts Indian Dynamics Forum
Here you can write your questions about special Indian functionality (ex. eCess, WHT etc.), end-user problems or other topics of local Indian interests in area of Microsoft Dynamics.
You're welcome to use Indian languages in this forum.
Moderated by Amol Salvi.
Interface Navision...
2015-5-20 8:27
294 1,277
No unread posts Forum Dynamics Français (French Dynamics Forum)
Questions regarding especial about local French Microsoft Dynamics functionality. French welcome.
Navision in France...
2014-7-16 20:17
57 139
No unread posts Foros Dynamics Españoles (Spanish Dynamics Forum)
En este foro pueden colocar todas sus preguntas sobre los productos de Dynamics en Español.
comprar pasaporte...
2015-6-24 22:44
110 271
No unread posts Dansk Dynamics Forum (Danish Dynamics Forum)
I dette forum er det tilladt at stille dine spørgsmål om Microsoft Dynamics produkterne på dansk, inclusiv Dynamics NAV, Navision, Navigator, XAL, Dynamics AX, Axapta, Dynamics C5 og C4. Det vil sige også alle produkterne fra det tidligere Navision Software og Damgaard Data), også de produkter der kun findes på dansk (PCPlus, C4 og C5), så kan der være mange andre interessante emner (eks. momsafregning, e-faktura, Lessor Løn, pc-pack) der primært interessere danske medlemmer.
Moderated by Alexander Pallesen
Begynder forum?
2015-3-27 15:47
60 197
No unread posts Fórum Dynamics Português (Portuguese Dynamics Forum)
Questões relacionadas com as funcionalidades específicas portuguesas, problemas de utilizadores finais ou outros tópicos da localização portuguesa. È bem vinda a utilização da linguagem portuguesa neste fórum.
Moderated by Nuno Maia
How to pass the...
2014-5-28 6:07
16 40
No unread posts منتدى عربي (Arabic Dynamics Forum)
منتدى عربي (Arabic Microsoft Dynamics Forum)
أسهل وأسرع وسيلة
2014-9-27 23:48
21 60
No unread posts Forum по-русски (Russian Forum)
Здесь Вы можете задать все интересующие Вас вопросы касательно продуктов Dynamics
Re: No need for...
2009-1-31 19:06
2 5
No unread posts České Dynamics fórum (Czech Dynamics forum)
Diskuzní fórum pro uživatelé "Dynamics NAV" Navision. Tady můžete žádat otázky v češtině.
re:Do we need this...
2009-2-2 9:22
2 7
No unread posts 中文论坛 (Chinese Dynamics Forum)
Chinese Forum about specific Chinese Microsoft Dynamics functionality and version. It's allowed to use Chinese here.
Moderated by Alex Chow
How to define the...
2014-11-24 15:39
14 57
No unread posts USA Dynamics Forum
This forum is dedicated local US Microsoft Dynamics functionality and requirements, typically about payroll and local taxes. Moderated by Matt Traxinger.
call a script from...
2015-3-31 21:48
36 117

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