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For over 20 years we have helped companies world-wide with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision projects. We are the new set of eyes that often is needed when a project has gone wrong or when your current partner doesn't bring the expected results. Our focus is understanding what our customers really needs and how we can add value to their company.

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Anveo provides three powerful Add-Ons: Run Dynamics NAV on mobile devices using Anveo Mobile App, create your customer / vendor portal with Anveo Web Portals and Anveo EDI Connect empowers you to run EDI 100% in Dynamics NAV. Anveo is easy to learn: The set-up of all Anveo product takes place completely in Dynamics NAV. Request a live demo on AnveoNAV.com

Conspicuous is the leading Dynamics AX, NAV and Dynamics CRM Recruitment Agency.
Established in January 2000 we pride ourselves on having built a company based on honesty, quality and a personalised service.
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NAV Easy Security is a complete solution for the RoleTailored and Classic clients for setup and maintenance of permissions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV – saving you time, money and resources when setting up security. NAV Easy Security for Roles and Logins, but also with the enhanced Field Level, Actions and Data Security fulfill every need for security for even the most complex security setup. NAV Easy Security currently is available in English, German, Danish and Dutch.


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Welcome to DUG

The original Navision User Community founded in 1995 as the Navision Online User Group / navision.net focusing on Navision (now Dynamics NAV). The Dynamics User Group (s now also covering Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and the other products in the Microsoft Dynamics group and is the biggest user group in the world for the Dynamics products.

No matter if you are a Microsoft Dynamics partner, end-user, consultant, programmer or freelancer, then we hope that you will enjoy our discussion and knowledge forums, blogs, wiki/faq's or download some of the many demos and files or product documentation or white papers.

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Topics Replies Last Post
How to close the Table browser through X++ Suggested Solution
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Developer Forum by gvk on 2015-2-27 8:25
2 2015-2-28 15:18
by gvk
Excluding Bin Inventory in MRP Run Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics GP / Great Plains End User Forum by John Travolta on 2015-2-28 14:51
0 2015-2-28 14:51
by John Travolta
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Certification and Training Forum by Salah on 2015-2-28 14:12
0 2015-2-28 14:12
by Salah
Security Development Tools Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Developer Forum by Munsif-ur-Rehman on 2015-2-28 6:02
1 2015-2-28 8:02
by Husain
SQL trace for reports Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Developer Forum by Husain on 2015-2-25 16:16
Filed under: ,
2 2015-2-28 7:34
by Husain
AIF Sales Order Serivce create DocuRefHeader for attachment Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Developer Forum by Mike on 2015-2-28 1:49
1 2015-2-28 1:52
by Mike
Sales volume/$ reports Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics GP / Great Plains End User Forum by SM on 2015-2-27 19:56
0 2015-2-27 19:56
by SM
Company account in lowercase to uppercase Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta End User Forum by Héctor Eduardo Cazot on 2015-2-26 23:39
2 2015-2-27 17:55
by Héctor Eduardo Cazot
FIXED ASSET Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision End User Forum by Lansana Sesay on 2015-2-27 16:14
1 2015-2-27 17:48
by Mohana
SQL 2014 Enterprise Edition x SQL 2014 Standart Edition Unanswered
Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Technical Forum by Mateus Furrier on 2015-2-27 17:28
0 2015-2-27 17:28
by Mateus Furrier

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  • Let’s Clean-Up NAV: Department MenuSuite–CaptionML

    In his blog , Mark Brummel started a clean-up project, with suggestions to smaller fixes to Dynamics NAV that makes a big difference. And I also have one, which have annoyed me for years. Developers only using the default (ENU) language might never have thought about this as a problem, and that’s...
  • MVP Award - 2014

    Just now got an email confirming that my MVP Status is renewed, so here starts the 4th year as MVP. Thanks in Advance.


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