How to ask a question?

Dear friend,

This article is about how to ask a question in the Dynamics User Group. If you have tried it many times before, then there is nothing new for you here. But if you're a new member then you shold spend the 10 minutes it takes to read it.

Step 1 - Search

Always start by using the search. The Dynamics User Group already has over 100,000 questions and answers. So it's very likely that your question has already been asked.


Step 2 - Login / Become a member

To post a question in the forums of the Dynamics User Group, then you need to be a member first. We once tried having it open so that this was not a requirement, but too many spam posts was posted. If you're already logged in (then your user name is written on the top of the page), then just skip to step 3.

If you're already a then you just need to login using your account.

If you're not a member then you need to become a member by filling out the registration form.


Step 3 - Find out in what forum to post

When you have logged in using your member account, then can press the "Write a New Post" button. If you do this from the front page or the full forum list page, then you are asked what forum you want to post your question in. If you, when you where searching found another question which was almost similar to what you want to ask (same product and type of question) then you can just use the "Write a New Post" button directly from that post. Then you don't need to specify the forum.

To figure out what forum to post in, then you should read the "What Forum To Post To?" sticker.


Step 4 - Find the Title

The first you do when you start to enter the post is that you need to specify the title of the post. Here you should specify the subject. Remember that when the members see your post, then they do only see the title of your post. So it's important that you use an exact title, not just a HELP NEEDED! or URGENT PROBLEM! Also never use only UPPERCASE characters in a title or post, as many people on the internet sees this as shouting, and unpolite.

Step 5 - Write the question

When you have entered your title and starts write the body of your post, then you'll see that the website is doing another search based on your title. Please check again that your question has not already been asked.

When you write your question, then please remember that the other members don't know what you're thinking, so your question should be as detailed as possible. Please use examples. And always specify what version you are using.

Step 6 - Adding the Tags

The tags are the keywords you want to add to your post. The tags are making it easier to categorise your question after it has been posted. You should always include the tag for the version and product you are using. Click on the "Select Tag" button to see the tags that has already been used.

Step 7 - Preview and Post

If you have been using forum on other web sites, then you might be used to Preview your post before posting it. If you want to do that, then you just click on the "Preview" tab.

When you're happy with your post, then you click on the "Post" button.

Step 8 - After someone replied to your question

If you have setup your member account to receive emails, and you didn't unclick this option on the post before you posted it, then you will automatically receive an email whenever someone is making a reply to your post.

You might also receive notifications that someone has posted an answer which they thought might be the right solution/answer to your problem.

Please always remember to mark the replies that helped you to find the answer to your question and solution to your problem with "Verify Solution". This way you're telling others who might have the same problem which solution that helped you, and it's also a way to say "thank you" to the member who helped you.


Always remember that everyone here is helping you out of their free will and because they like to help other members, not because they are getting paid to help you. So please never demand anything, also do not that expect that your post is answered within a short time. But most often it is, if you do not get any reply, then it's most often because your question has not been detailed enough. If you have not received any answer within a week, then you are allowed to bump the post, but you should also think if you included all the information needed to answer your question.

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