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Dynamics User Group is one of the most visited independent websites for users of Navision (Dynamics NAV) and Axapta (Dynamics AX), but also users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Great Plains (Dynamics GP). Our website receives than 200,000 visits (+100,000 unique) and 450,000 page-views per month.

Advertising on the website

Audience/users: Primary Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX end-users (accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, sales, purchase etc.), and it professionals (consultants, supporters, developers, engineers, technicians etc.).

Our normal top and bottom banners are 940x120 pixels. That's about 40% space more than when using Google Adwords. But you may still use standard 728x90 banners, if you prefer this instead. You may select to get an equal mix of top and bottom banners, or only top or bottom.

We also have different options, with banners in places only active during your campaign. When a space is normally not used, typically gives a bigger impact.

All packages are based on "Pay per Impression" then you select either top or bottom, where the price for the bottom banner is lower based on historical CTR (click through rate%) for the to different banners. More people click on the top banner than the bottom banner. Historically the top banner must display half as many times as the bottom banner to get the same number of clicks.

Price Examples:

Pay per impression:

DUG Pricelist



Impressions (how many times the ad will be shown)



Displayed where?








All pages*

€ 10,00

€ 45,00

€ 80,00

€ 350,00

€ 600,00

Top only


All pages*

€ 15,00

€ 67,50

€ 120,00

€ 525,00

€ 900,00

Bottom only


All pages*

€ 5,00

€ 22,50

€ 40,00

€ 175,00

€ 300,00

Mini Banner


Forum post pages

€ 5,50

€ 24,75

€ 44,00

€ 192,50

€ 330,00


200x200 220x220

All pages*

€ 5,00

€ 22,50

€ 40,00

€ 175,00

€ 300,00

* Excluded hosted blog pages.

Other Information

There's a minimum purchase of 50 EUR per order (but you can order different "line items"). If you want to advertise for a smaller minimum amount, then you can always continue to use Google Adwords. But your ads will only be displayed when all other ads have been displayed.


Also notice that the size of the banners when buying directly is 940x120 pixels. When you buy via Google Adwords, then the maximum size is 728x90. That's about 40% more than when using Adwords.

We accept the following creative formats:Text, Image, Flash/Rich Media. You can submit multiple creatives for your campaign, or replace them during your campaign. Or have each run 1 week/month. You may also create different alternatives, and leave it to the Google DFP ad engine make sure, that the best performing ad gets the most impressions.

Country Filters

You are also able to specify a Country Filter, which will allow us to filter so that your banners are only displayed in specific countries, this way you can make local campaign in local languages, which typical gives you a higher click-through rate. You an also select to get a specific number of impressions per country. As some countries are much more expensive than others, then ads using country filters, may be more expensive than listed above. Our listed prices are based upon an unfiltered mix, and we may not always the available inventory in specific countries.

Campaign Length

When you sign up then must tell us for how long time your ads should be displayed over. Then we will make sure that your ads are displayed evenly over the period. So you have the option of select that you want to spend 50 EUR over 3 or even 12 months if you want. Or just as quickly as possible.

How do you sign up?

  1. Write email to and specify:
    - number of impressions,
    - types (top, bottom, mixed, etc.),
    - length of the campaign, start/end dates.
    Please also include the creatives (the ad files in either gif, jpg, png, flash, swf or text formats).
    You also have to option of specifying country filters, so that your ads in example only are displayed in your own country (based upon the IP location of the user).
    Legal company information, your name, address, vat-no. etc.
  2. We'll send you a quote for the campaign, including any questions or suggestions we may have.
  3. When you have accepted our quote, we'll email you an invoice. And while waiting for your payment, then will setup your ad ready to be activated. 
  4. When we have received your payments (using Paypal or Bank Transfer - or a confirmation that they have been transferred), then your campaign will be activated.

After you sign up, you may request an access to follow the progress of your ads impressions/clicks online using DoubleClick for Publishers by Google (similar to the interface you might know from Google Adwords).

Google / DoubleClick for Publishers / Ad Planner

When we are placing your ads on our site then we are using DoubleClick's dfp by Google. This allows us to sell the ads directly to you (and thus save Google's middle-man fees). Still when we have unsold "inventory", then banners from Google Adwords are displayed. The system is Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited. This is important to make your feel confident with the ad impression measurement process.

But it means that ads bought directly from Dynamics User Group will automatically get a higher priority than the ads from Adwords. Only the "inventory" which has not been sold directly will be sold via Adwords.

Advertise in our newsletters

The other option is to advertise in our newsletters. Besides the main Dynamics User Group Newsletter, then there are a number specialized newsletters also. Please look at the Subscription Center, to see the other newsletters.

In general then the click-through-rate is much higher on the newsletters, especially on the 3rd. party newsletters.

There is one main sponsor in each newsletter, where the sponsor will get their logo and about 8-10 short lines of text in the bottom of the newsletter, just above the PS (the PS area is the part of the newsletter, besides the first 8-10 lines that most users are reading). Also the main sponsor will get a 180x80 pixel box in the sidebar.

Additionally there will be a maximum of two other 180x40 pixel ad boxes in the sidebar, below the main sponsor.

Price List per Newsletter

Dynamics User Group Newsletter - 25000+ subscribers

Main Sponsor:  €50 per CPM (per 1000 subscribers)  = €1250 per newsletter
Secondary Sponsor: €25 per CPM (per 1000 subscribers) = €625 per newsletter

3rd Party Partner Newsletter - 3400+ subscribers

You get your own newsletter sent to our all the members who have said yes to receive information from our partners. There will be a maximum of 1 3rd party newsletters per month, and we only accept sponsors which we think are relevant for our members. We sent out your newsletter from our servers and you will net get the emails or names. Only if people replies to your newsletter.

How do you sign up?

  1. Write email to and specify which newsletters you want to sponsor. If it's the first time you sign up, then we will then reply to you with one or more quotations. If you are just "renewing" your order, then we'll send you an invoice.
  2. You tell us which quote you would like and replies including the creatives (ad files). You can only have 1 creative per newsletter.
  3. We'll invoice you.
  4. When we have received your payments (using Paypal or bank transfer), then your ads will be setup and activated.

Become a DUG Sponsor

You can also get your name on Dynamics User Group by becoming a DUG Sponsor.

As a DUG Sponsor your logo will be displayed across site, in special areas only for sponsors. And if you're either a Silver, Gold or Platinum sponsor, then you get discount on banner and newsletter adverting: Silver Sponsors get 5%, Gold Sponsors 10% and Platinum Sponsors 25%.

To become a DUG Sponsor you need to use our Sponsor Sign-Up Page or contact me.

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