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Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year

This is going to be my last post of the year .. going skiing in a few days . I would like to wish all you guys and girls a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and Happy New Year !
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Platform updates overview - 3.70.B - NAV2009 SP1 (UPDATED 2)

It has been a while since I updated my table. Not many updates since last time. Probably because of the fact people have been working on the Group 2 releases, and VAT 2010 update? Or … all bugs are fixed and everything works perfectly? :-) I want to mention againthat Group 2 seems to be releasing their localized version of NAV 2009 SP1. Please take regularly a look at this page if you're expecting your release. I also changed the "look&feel" (or actually just the look) of this list...
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Halleluja! Group 2 is releasing NAV 2009 SP1!

Remember this post ? I was so glad that I could finally announce that there was at least a release date in Belgium. Now, today, December 17th 2009 (yes, still 2009!), sooner then announced, (but ok, still hundreds of days after the official world wide release of NAV 2009, but let's forget that for a while) … Belgium can start implementing their customers on this new cool product, because the Belgian localization can be downloaded from today! Not only Belgium , but the Norwegian and Swedish...
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The 2010 VAT Package Whitepaper: First objects available

It has finally happened: the first objects (from the datapart) of the VAT 2010 are released by Microsoft. This means for all partners: GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OUT OF YOUR SEAT, STOP MINESWEEPING … AND START UPGRADING YOUR CUSTOMERS. At least, that's what it means for us. We will be upgrading +150 customers in only one month, and we will be doing this by a wizard we created ourselves… . Just a tip ;°). Anyway, for all partners, here is the way to go and start downloading the necessary...
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Tip: Where am I?

Here is a very simple tip. These days, In NAV 2009, you got the RoleTailored Client, the Classic Client, web service and the NAS Server. So, you got more "clients", "environments", … or how you kids call it these days … then you had in 5.0. Now, you can trigger each environment you want in code. This might be helpful when you want certain things to behave differently in a specific environments. You only need two statements … and combine them: GUIALLOWED: you...
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