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Published 2011-12-1 15:09

With the last event on November 23, 2011, I dare to say that the Dutch Dynamics Community (DDC) has made well enough a name to carry it using its own resources (see below). As such I most probably will no longer be using my blog as a means of communication for the DDC. So for those that have been relying on my blog for being informed on DDC matters, please change your ways of doing and start using the DDC owned resources. Geeked

DDC Resources

So what resources does the DDC have?

  1. First and for most its own website http://www.dutchdynamics.net/; what can you find here?
  2. Secondly our LinkedIn group`
  3. Thirdly, for those who have attended one of events so far, and of whom we do have an e-mail address, our infrequently published Nieuwsflits (i.e Newsflash).

Not yet a member of our LinkedIn? Go there and enlist yourself!

Not receiving our Nieuwsflits? Send a mail to events@dutchdynamics.net!

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# guidorobben said on Friday, December 02, 2011 9:47 AM

You should change the website caption. When I create a bookmark it suggests "Home" as name instead of "Dutch Dynamics".

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