Dutch Dynamics Community - NAV Event (March 2015)

I was invited to the DDC “NAV Event” on 10 th March 2015 in Veenendaal/NL to present a session about NAV/SQL Performance. The topic I picked was about " Query Strategy & Indexing "; explaining where problems might originate from, how to detect and resolve them. First of all I'd like to thank Luc van Vugt for inviting me - it was really a great event! For those who don’t know the “DDC Events”: they happen every 3 month and are currently limited to 200...

NAV TechDays 2014 - Downloads

Please find attached the download package, including the slides and scripts etc. used and shown during the pre-conference Workshop (" Troubleshooting Essentials for NAV & SQL ") on 18.11.2014 and the Session (" SQL Server Sizing & Configuration ") on 19.11.2014.

Optimizing VSIFT – getting rid of nonsense

At first we should have a look at what these „VSIFTs“ are about … In NAV we have the famous FlowFields (FF), which display some information – mostly Sums – taken/calculated from some subsequent table. For example, in table 27 „Item“ there’s the field „Inventory“, which is such a FF: Hence, the „Inventory“ is summing up the „Quantity“ values from „Item Ledger Entry“ table (32), linked by „Item No...

NAV TechDays 2014

Hi folks, as you probably already know, there will be a NAV TechDays event in 2014, of course, this time from 20th - 21st November 2014 in Antwerp/Belgium , check out the webpage www.navtechdays.com ! After having a pause last year, I'm glad to let you know that in 2014 I'll present another session: SQL Server Sizing & Configuration for good performance Further I'd like to " advertise ", that I will perform a workshop on the pre-conference day, 19th November : Troubleshooting...

The NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide - 5. Edition (2014)

Hi folks! I'm happy to tell you that now - finally - the new edition of the PFG has been published ! So you shortly will be able to purchase it, for example, here: Amazon.de Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk ... and other retailers. Today (12.03.2014) the product info on these web-pages is not fully correct, so please be careful about what you order! Some clarifications: The Field Guide is always published with the same ISBN: 978-3837014426 The old/previous release was: 4. Edition (2009), 180 pages, Price...

The NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide - E-Book

Hi folks! It has been a very long time, since the last release of the " NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide " in 2009 ... mea culpa ... Reason is - or actually was - some struggle about the contract with my publisher: many people were asking to get the PFG as an E-Book, but so far it wasn't possible - until now! From today (20th March 2013) on the PFG is indeed available on paper and as an e-Book (Kindle, iBook, etc.) Please regard that this is still the old version from 2009 . As this...

NAV Developer's Day - Update

Ankündigung: Microsoft plant aktuell die Durchführung eines " NAV Developer's Day " (vorläufiger Arbeitstitel ) Edit 30.10.2012: Achtung - Terminänderung! Stattfinden soll die erste Veranstaltung am 08. November 2012 17. Dezember 2012 (Abends) im Microsoft HQ in Hamburg - nähere Details folgen noch. Eingeladen sind alle an NAV interessierten Entwickler, Administratoren etc., egal ob Dynamics Partner oder Anwender. MS kümmert sich um die Organisation, den...

NAV TechDays 2012 - Understanding Blocks & Deadlocks with NAV & SQL Server

Blocks and Deadlocks are a major issue in NAV/SQL systems; causing decreased performance and poor user experience . This session will explain the locking mechanisms with Dynamics NAV and SQL Server and how they could be properly used. Further it will be demonstrated how blocks & deadlocks could be easily monitored and analyzed to get clues about the problem’s origin and to find appropriate solutions. Some practical examples will highlight common problems and give inspiration for practicable...

NAV 2013 Beta (Refresh) – First Impressions

Normal 0 false 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE So, finally the first public „Beta“ of “ NAV 2013 ” is available … https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/newsevents/news/msdnav2013betadownload.htm http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh173988(v=nav.70).aspx … so I also have started to check it out! Of course, as usual my focus is on the NAV/SQL technical site Those of you who have access to MS Connect are encouraged to provide feedback, as well. The...

Dynamics NAV on SQL 2012

Hi folks, you should be aware that Microsoft has just published some statement regarding Compatibility of Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1/R2 with SQL Server 2012 Check out the NAV Team BLOG and Partner Source about details! But have in mind, that MS just checks/proves/grants compatibility with currently supported versions of NAV - which is NAV 2009 SP1 and R2 . E.g. the Mainstream Support for NAV 4.0 SP3 endet several years ago, and for NAV 5.0 SP1 it ended in April this year. As you could also read from the...
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MSDynamics.de Konferenz 2012

Am 09. Mai fand ja parallel zur " Tectura Convention 2012 " auch erstmals unsere " MSDynamics.de Konferenz " statt! WIr waren zwar ein kleinerer Kreis, hat aber viel Spass gemacht mal ein paar Gesichter hinter den Forums-Beiträgen zu sehen Ich durfte ja auch einen kleinen Vortrag zu Besten geben, den Folienfilm etc. dazu findet ihr hier im Anhang. Mehr dazu - auch ein paar Bilder von Kowa - hier: http://www.msdynamics.de/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14984

Tectura Convention 2012

Ich werde hier einen kleinen Vortrag zum Thema " Hochverfügbarkeit mit NAV & SQL " halten Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung - soz. als " Event im Event " - findet auch die " MSDynamics.de Konferenz " (09.05.2012) statt. Achtung : dieser Community-Event hat nur Platz für 20 Personen , also schnell anmelden!

Directions EMEA 2012 - Blocks & Deadlock

The major event for Dynamics Partners in Europe; 25th to 27th April 2012 in Rome. Check out the website for detailed information: http://www.directionsemea.com Looking forward to meeting you in Rome

Using SQL Server Audit

A guest BLOG article published on " Microsoft Dynamics Community " forum: https://community.dynamics.com/product/nav/navnontechnical/b/navguestcolumn/archive/2011/09/27/using-sql-server-audit.aspx
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