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Mark Brummel - Author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design

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Directions EMEA 2015 | Recap
Back home at the office in Olst I am trying to wrap my head around what I learned in Mannheim this year. It is mind boggling. The amount software improvements that Microsoft ships as NAV2016 is just amazing, especially if … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-8 15:42 by Marq
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Keynotes Directions EMEA | NAV 2016 Released
Every keynote should start with a show. This time it is a church organ. Where is Arend Jan Kauffmann when you need him. We have 1354 attendees this year from 42 countries making it without doubt the biggest NAV event … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-5 10:52 by Marq
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Directions EMEA | Pre Conference Day(s) | NAV2016 is getting close
Tomorrow, on Monday morning the keynotes will start here at Directions EMEA. 1354 People have registered. That is like a 25% increase from last year. Amazing. Yesterday and today we already had a lot of pre-conference community fun. On Saturday … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-4 23:36 by Marq
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Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns | The book has shipped!
Today I was a happy man when I got home. I unboxed the first 25 copies of my new book Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns. Just in time for Directions EMEA next week. I will take 25 copies with me next … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-30 16:28 by Marq
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MiBuSo is moving | Check your Email! | Status Update
For over a decade I have been posting on MiBuSo. On and off. My record is 100 posts on one day but I don’t do that in a year anymore and all this time the platform has not dramatically changed. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-28 22:22 by Marq
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Directions EMEA 2015 | T minus One Week!
Honestly I cannot believe how time flies. Maybe its age, but I feel like years are passing by so fast. Funny enough I am writing this blog about Directions EMEA from Poznan. After one year since we had the event … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-27 20:16 by Marq
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Tip #53 – Locks, Blocks, Deadlocks and Timeouts | What are they
Recently I’ve been asked to do a code review of a vertical solution. Since these are always interesting projects I cleared my schedule and planned an interview to see what it was about. I’m curious by nature. During the interview … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-15 9:14 by Marq
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Tip #52 – Run MODAL pages after INSERT
One of the things I spend a lot of time on during my workshop is design for performance and using temporary tables. There are so many great things you can do here. Let’s look at this code: Typically after an insert … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-11 13:44 by Marq
Dynamics Experience (NL) Recap & Book Presentation
Last thursday the Dynamics Experience was organised in Hilversum, The Netherlands. The yearly user event for users of the Dynamics suite products. It was a great event with 250 attendees, not counting the sponsors. Very nice location that was easy … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-6 18:23 by Marq
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Master Class UK & Updated Workshop Dates
With summer vacation over for the most of us, the NAV Architecture & Patterns Master Class continued too. Last week Luc van Vugt and I were in the United Kingdom. As we could not find a local learning center we … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-2 9:47 by Marq
Microsoft How Do I Video Series | Behind the scenes
Microsoft produces How Do I videos for many of their products. They can be found on MSDN where they are grouped by product. For Microsoft Dynamcis NAV we have recorded over 100 videos for NAV2013, NAV2013R2 and NAV2015. The … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-1 8:04 by Marq
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Vote now for the NAVUG All-Stars!
The NAVUG All-Star Award program recognizes NAVUG members who have a passion for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to educate and connect the greater NAVUG community. NAVUG All-Star Award recipients are nominated … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-28 11:10 by Marq
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Join us at the Dynamics Experience in Hilversum (Dutch)
Volgende week is het al zover, op donderdag 3 September wordt de Dynamics Experience georganiseerd in Hilversum. Dit is het evenement voor Dynamics gebruikers in Nederland, zowel AX, CRM als NAV komen aan bod, hoewel de nadruk ligt op ERP. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-27 11:25 by Marq
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Upgrade Oil Check | Myth 1 – Add-On Fields
Recently Microsoft published an article about the new way of upgrading using PowerShell commands. It was published in NAVUG magazine, but I cannot find it online. I am currently preparing an enduser upgrade from NAV2015 to NAV2016 Partner Beta. The new … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-26 15:43 by Marq
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ANNOUNCING: New Book | Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns
Since Packt Publishing put it on their website, I might as well reveal a secret project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, almost a year. My new book Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns is about to be … Continue reading →
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