Mark Brummel - Author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design

Mark Brummel - Author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design

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Master Class UK & Updated Workshop Dates
With summer vacation over for the most of us, the NAV Architecture & Patterns Master Class continued too. Last week Luc van Vugt and I were in the United Kingdom. As we could not find a local learning center we … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-2 9:47 by Marq
Microsoft How Do I Video Series | Behind the scenes
Microsoft produces How Do I videos for many of their products. They can be found on MSDN where they are grouped by product. For Microsoft Dynamcis NAV we have recorded over 100 videos for NAV2013, NAV2013R2 and NAV2015. The … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-9-1 8:04 by Marq
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Vote now for the NAVUG All-Stars!
The NAVUG All-Star Award program recognizes NAVUG members who have a passion for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to educate and connect the greater NAVUG community. NAVUG All-Star Award recipients are nominated … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-28 11:10 by Marq
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Join us at the Dynamics Experience in Hilversum (Dutch)
Volgende week is het al zover, op donderdag 3 September wordt de Dynamics Experience georganiseerd in Hilversum. Dit is het evenement voor Dynamics gebruikers in Nederland, zowel AX, CRM als NAV komen aan bod, hoewel de nadruk ligt op ERP. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-27 11:25 by Marq
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Upgrade Oil Check | Myth 1 – Add-On Fields
Recently Microsoft published an article about the new way of upgrading using PowerShell commands. It was published in NAVUG magazine, but I cannot find it online. I am currently preparing an enduser upgrade from NAV2015 to NAV2016 Partner Beta. The new … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-26 15:43 by Marq
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ANNOUNCING: New Book | Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns
Since Packt Publishing put it on their website, I might as well reveal a secret project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, almost a year. My new book Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns is about to be … Continue reading →
NAV 2015 | Import FOB, back to MS-DOS?
Although I understand the investments in Multi-Tenancy from a Microsoft perspective it does not always make our live easier. Today during the import of a Fob at a customer I am upgrading to NAV2015 I got this message. I don’t … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-17 17:09 by Marq
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Tip #51 – Scrolling Development Environment in Windows 10
If you install Windows 10 RTM and Dynamics NAV 2015 development environment you will notice that the scrolling on the development environment with your mouse wheel does not work. I was pointed to this by the NAV Yammer group and … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-10 16:58 by Marq
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Last Partner Ready Software meeting… in Vedbaek…
By Mark Brummel, co-founder of Partner Ready Software No, don’t worry! This is not the last PRS meeting ever, but there were two very important “lasts” about the most recent meeting we had at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, or as … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-8-9 21:21 by Marq
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NAV2015 | Performance Tuning
This post also applies to NAV2013, any version since we moved to the new SQL client and dropped classic client. I am currently in progress of upgrading two of my oldest customers. One with 10 and one with 15 years … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-31 23:17 by Marq
HELP WANTED | NAV 2015 Exam Question Writing
Until recently there was no way to certify for NAV 2015. Microsoft has killed the certification process and discontinued the exams. Although there are valid reasons for that, as Paul White explained during the Q & A in the APAC … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-27 17:35 by Marq
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Dynamics NAV 2016 “Corfu” Beta available for partners
Ok, this is my first mobile blog post. As a response to a question on my previous post I wanted to share the link where the public beta can be downloaded. Let me know if it works. Enjoy the … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-15 11:09 by Marq
Dynamics NAV “Corfu” will be named: NAV 2016
At WPC 2015 in Orlando Florida, Microsoft revealed the official product name of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, currently codenamed Corfu. The name will be Dynamics NAV 2016. Personally I am very enthousiastic about the release since it … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-13 22:21 by Marq
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“ALL” about NAV Tablet Client
Originally posted on Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog : “ALL” about NAV Tablet Client “some links about NAV 2015 Tablet Client”, may be useful ! NAV TEAM BLOG Announcing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets Extensibility for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet…
Posted: 2015-7-8 21:54 by Marq
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Tip #50 – Implementing Addresses
Many, many years ago, in 2009 I’ve written a blog about how to implement No. Series in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is one of the oldest features in the product, first introduced in Navision Financials 1.1. When I acquired the … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-6 12:10 by Marq
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