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Tip #45 | NAV2015 | Report Temporary Property
With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Microsoft introduced a great new property on the Report object: Temporary. This behaves the same as the SoureTableTemporary property on a page and basically eliminates the need of using integer dataitems and loops on reports. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-24 21:18 by Marq
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Convergence 2015 US | Recap
It’s only wednesday afternoon, the event goes on for another day but it’s my last day at the event so time to wrap up and recap. Honestly I had forgotten how big this event was. Last Convergence I attended was … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-18 20:41 by Marq
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Vintage Dynamics NAV #1 | Functions
One of my key values is loyalty. I am very loyal to my customers and my customers are loyal to me. This means with a history of two decades in the product you run into your own old code every … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-6 12:52 by Marq
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Tip #44 | First time PowerShell, enable Scripts
This post is more a reminder for myself, each time I run into this when installing NAV on customers machines I have to search for the command. I love modern development, PowerShell, TFS, etc. But it does not make life … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-2-19 20:36 by Marq
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To Navigate or Not To Navigate
Seriously, I love the people at Microsoft working on our product, well, most of them. But, every now and then you can really see that the company is like a country and not everything works like it should. I am … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-2-15 12:28 by Marq
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We’re back to be found | Dynamics NAV Community
Oh my, I was almost ready to blog about it. We were completely lost! “What do you mean?”, I hear you say. Dynamics NAV is, as far as I know, the only product on the community website with a Wiki … Continue reading →
Tip #43 | Search
Every now and then it happens. I get the feeling I am the only one not knowing a trick. Off course I realise that is not the case so I share what I learn. MenuSuite and Search As you might … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-2-9 11:29 by Marq
Design Patterns YouTube Playlist | 30 Videos
With the recovery of a lost video at Microsoft, the Design Patterns YouTube PlayList has 30 Videos now. 23 of these videos are part of the How Do I series and co-sponsored by Microsoft. 7 videos are created by me. … Continue reading →
Tip #42 | SetCurrentKey on Flowfields
I’ve already posted a few times about the possibilty of doing SETCURRENTKEY on non key (indexed) fields and doing flowfields and CALCSUMS on non SumIndexFields. Another option that we have is to do a SETCURRENTKEY on a flowfield. For example: … Continue reading →
Tip #41 | Smart Page Address Formatting
Ok, enough about these Design Patterns. Time for a real tip you can start using in 3 minutes. We all know that pages use more real estate than classic forms and we are limmited to two columns. Putting two controls … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-1-29 7:00 by Marq
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[PRS] Design Patterns that should be [made] obsolete [by Microsoft]
Yes, this blog has a double title. Every now and then you need to do a little self reflection. Two weeks ago I was in talking with my fellow PRS member Soren Klemmensen and we discussed the fact that in … Continue reading →
Windows 10 and Dynamics NAV | Continuum and ERP
As I am writing this blog, Microsoft is showing Windows 10 to the world. I have always been a Windows fan and worked with the very early releases back until Windows 1. When Windows 8 was introduced we quickly got … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-1-21 19:46 by Marq
Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2015 | My Sessions & Workshops
This year in Atlanta I will be attending Convergence for the first time in many years. I am really looking forward to go back to this great event. I am also speaking at two sessions for this event as part … Continue reading →
Design Patterns on Partner Source now!
We already have Design Patterns on YouTube, MSDN, Wiki and MiBuSo. Now we can add Partner Source to that list. Microsoft has asked me to create an overview page and introduction video to the subject. You can find the page … Continue reading →
Dynamics NAV vNext : Corfu
Ok, writing about a new version before it is released with a current NDA is like walking on eggs. It can almost only go wrong. But, I am so exited about the upcomming release that I have to let that know … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-1-18 21:31 by Marq
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