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NAV 2013 | Debugging (1)

NAV 2013 has a new debugger. It allows us to debug the RTC.

But that does not mean that Microsoft has just migrated the debugger from Classic to RTC. No, they've done much more. It's quite a cool and complete debugger that allows you to do much more than we used to.

For example:

1. You can debug every user on the service tier from one debug session, including webservices.

2. You can put breakpoints in objects that are higher in the stack hierarchy

3. The debugger is designed as pages in C/AL that allow you to modify the debugger to fit your needs.

In this post I want to briefly touch the last example, since I was aggravated by one small issue that I solved and want to share to prevent this from happening to you.


Because the debugger is now part of the application, it is also translated to your local language.

Now you should know that the Dutch translation in the RTC is to cry. Terrible terminology is used.

This is how the debugger looks in Dutch:

Now I like to use Dutch for the RTC, but I want the debugger to be in English.

This is now an easy task, since we can remove the translation from the objects.

And then the debugger is in ENU.

Except off course the parts that are translated by the RTC itself.

Hopefully more about debugging in a next post

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