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NAV2015 | Performance Tuning
This post also applies to NAV2013, any version since we moved to the new SQL client and dropped classic client. I am currently in progress of upgrading two of my oldest customers. One with 10 and one with 15 years … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-31 23:17 by Marq
HELP WANTED | NAV 2015 Exam Question Writing
Until recently there was no way to certify for NAV 2015. Microsoft has killed the certification process and discontinued the exams. Although there are valid reasons for that, as Paul White explained during the Q & A in the APAC … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-27 17:35 by Marq
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Dynamics NAV 2016 “Corfu” Beta available for partners
Ok, this is my first mobile blog post. As a response to a question on my previous post I wanted to share the link where the public beta can be downloaded. Let me know if it works. Enjoy the … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-15 11:09 by Marq
Dynamics NAV “Corfu” will be named: NAV 2016
At WPC 2015 in Orlando Florida, Microsoft revealed the official product name of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, currently codenamed Corfu. The name will be Dynamics NAV 2016. Personally I am very enthousiastic about the release since it … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-13 22:21 by Marq
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“ALL” about NAV Tablet Client
Originally posted on Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog : “ALL” about NAV Tablet Client “some links about NAV 2015 Tablet Client”, may be useful ! NAV TEAM BLOG Announcing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets Extensibility for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet…
Posted: 2015-7-8 21:54 by Marq
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Tip #50 – Implementing Addresses
Many, many years ago, in 2009 I’ve written a blog about how to implement No. Series in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is one of the oldest features in the product, first introduced in Navision Financials 1.1. When I acquired the … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-7-6 12:10 by Marq
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Tip #49 | PowerShell, break long lines into readable code
Unlike other languages PowerShell does not allow you to just continue a command on a new line. You have to specifically tell it to do that by adding a “Backtick” character. This one: ` Example: Split-NAVApplicationObjectFile -Source “C:\Users\Mark Brummel\Documents\Export.txt” ` … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-5-5 13:48 by Marq
Tip #48 | Filtering and Sorting in Journals
Time for a functional tip. Did you know that in each Journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can sort on a column, filter and then post only these lines in that particular order? Great hidden feature!
Posted: 2015-5-1 10:47 by Marq
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Tip #47 | Understanding PowerShell resultsets
Whether you like it or not, if you want to be a succesful Dynamics NAV developer in the future you have to understand PowerShell. So do I. Currently I am working on an integration project where we make an interface … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-4-23 13:14 by Marq
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Toronto Master Class Application Architecture & Design Patterns
On March 23 and 24, the first Master Class for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Architecture and Design Patterns was held in Toronto. Thirteen students attended. This what they had to say: “I think this should be a mandatory class… developers who have … Continue reading →
My 10th MVP Award, a decade with the Dynamics NAV Community
Last wednesday I was a happy man. Around 4:30 CET I got an email from Microsoft saying that I got awarded as MVP. And this was the 10th time I got that email. In those 10 years I had periods … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-4-5 11:16 by Marq
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Tip #45 | NAV2015 | Report Temporary Property
With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Microsoft introduced a great new property on the Report object: Temporary. This behaves the same as the SoureTableTemporary property on a page and basically eliminates the need of using integer dataitems and loops on reports. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-24 21:18 by Marq
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Convergence 2015 US | Recap
It’s only wednesday afternoon, the event goes on for another day but it’s my last day at the event so time to wrap up and recap. Honestly I had forgotten how big this event was. Last Convergence I attended was … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-18 20:41 by Marq
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Vintage Dynamics NAV #1 | Functions
One of my key values is loyalty. I am very loyal to my customers and my customers are loyal to me. This means with a history of two decades in the product you run into your own old code every … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-3-6 12:52 by Marq
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Tip #44 | First time PowerShell, enable Scripts
This post is more a reminder for myself, each time I run into this when installing NAV on customers machines I have to search for the command. I love modern development, PowerShell, TFS, etc. But it does not make life … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-2-19 20:36 by Marq
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