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The “Handled” Pattern
If there was a Pattern of the year award, last year the Arguments table would have won. The year before the Hook pattern. Or maybe that was the year before. This year in my opinion it is the Handled pattern … Continue reading →
NAV2016 | Refactoring & Transaction Mirroring in Codeunit 80 & 90
In Microsoft Dynamics NAV we don’t have Abstract Classes or Inheritance. These are modern technologies that make sure that objects in your application have similar elements and signatures. Despite the lack of these modern concepts NAV does have many tables … Continue reading →
How I upgraded to NAV2016, without upgrade toolkit
Back home from NAVTechDays. It’s a rainy saturday, nothing much to do in the garden. Kids are playing or doing their saturday activities with sports and scouting. I figured it was time for me to catch up with bookkeeping and … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-11-21 16:54 by Marq
NAV2016 | Code Editor Undocumented Features
There have been some blogs already about the new code editor that we have in NAV2016. In these blogs I miss two “features” that are not highligted. The first one is really about highlighting: If you cursor over a BEGIN … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-11-13 10:47 by Marq
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Tip #55 | Add RDLC option to Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition
In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU1, support for VS2015 Community Edition has been implemented. However if you do a default install of VS2016CE, the RDLC editor is not included and your report will show up as XML instead of the … Continue reading →
NAV Exams | Help creating the future workforce
Everyone in NAV channel will have probably noticed, we cannot handle the amount of work anymore our customers want us to do. We need to grow our workforce. Microsoft is not helping us with that, there is no classroom materials … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-11-10 8:14 by Marq
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Tip #54 | PowerShell Merge – A clustered key can appear only once in a table
If you upgrade your database to NAV2016 using the PowerShell Merge commandlets and have a change to table 49 you will run into this issue. Table 49 is the Invoice Posting Buffer table that NAV uses to create G/L entries … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-11-9 12:31 by Marq
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NAV2016 | An “Alternative” approach to extensions
Question of the day: What happens if you put half a dozen Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVPs together for 3 events in the USA in 4 weeks. Well, for one, one of them will go home twice in that timeframe. Me. … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-11-6 4:15 by Marq
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NAV2016 | Events, implementing Loose Coupling in ERP
With the release of NAV2016 we get new possibilities for making changes to the product without raw source code modification. This is called “events” and the concept is “stolen” from DotNET. How does it work? Traditionally if we want to … Continue reading →
NAV2016 CU1 | The AltSearchField field property does not work as documented
Whenever I teach a class I always talk about boat anchors and my favorite one is the AltSearchField property. Luc van Vugt describes it on his blog: It is one of these features that we inherrited in the Windows version … Continue reading →
Using Argument Tables | Introducing Overloading in Dynamics NAV
Last year I did some videos about organizing code in Microsoft Dynamics NAV which I put on my YouTube channel. I wanted to do more, but got occupied by writing a book about learning dynamics NAV patterns and organizing a … Continue reading →
NAV2016 | (Im) Possibilities with Extensions
In my previous posts about Extensions in NAV2016 I tried to explain the concept, reasoning and get you started with your own Extension in 5 easy steps. Getting Started with NAV2016 Extensions Create your own Extension in 5 easy steps … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-30 10:13 by Marq
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NAV2016 | These Extensions Confuse Me, What does Microsoft want with it?
This blog title are the exact words of someone I bumped into at the airport after Directions USA in Orlando, to let me tell you in this blog what I told her. Upgradabilty One of the pitfalls, or let me … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-29 0:24 by Marq
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I ♥ the new MiBuSo
The new website from MiBuSo has been put into production and I love it. It took some time to get used to, but it is awesome to have a forum again which is simple and fast. No bulshit. Take a … Continue reading →
Posted: 2015-10-20 23:33 by Marq
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NAV2016 | Getting started with Extensions (NAV Apps)
After returning home from NAVUG where I tried to inspire people to develop software in a less intrusive way I found out that you cannot just start working with the new extension model. The DLL you need in PowerShell is … Continue reading →
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