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Mark Brummel - Author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design

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Small Changes that make a big Difference | #3
In NAV2015 all functions are local by default. This is great for Encapsulation, but a pain for the Class-Method-Property pattern. Therefore my request is simple, please add a column to the function form where we can set the property instead … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-12-18 20:46 by Marq
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Implementation Pattern #3 | Encapsulation
Not a big reader? Watch the video of this blog here on YouTube! Encapsulation is one of the four corner stones of object oriented programming and it is about componentizing your software, it’s basics go back even to the 1970ies. … Continue reading →
Tip #22 – Open Page in New Window
This Blog Article was brought forward from my old blog Again, this is a tip comming directly from one of the key users in my current RTC implementation. When you open a list page from the Role Center you’ll get … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-12-13 21:41 by Marq
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Tip #40 | Maximum on Promoted fields on Fasttab
Ok, I admit this is not a tip, but information I found out today and could not find anywhere in documentation. I am upgrading one of my longer running customers to NAV2015 (eventually). So one of the tasks is to … Continue reading →
Conference Season 2015 | Locations and Dates (UPDATED!)
Conference season for 2014 is barely over and we already have some details for the conferences of 2015, the dates and the locations. Here is what we know: Directions EMEA Next year we kick off with Directions EMEA. As you … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-12-12 10:17 by Marq
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Implementation Pattern #2 | Natural Language Programming
If you want to read the first article about Implementation Patterns, here is the link. If you prefer a video, it is on YouTube. The blog starts at 2:20 after a general introduction. Natural Language Programming I hear what you … Continue reading →
Tip #39 | Pipe Filter with Excel | Alternative
I just looked at the video by Kerry Rosvold on how to make a pipe filter in excel. It’s awesome. You can watch it here. Now, I have an alternative way that I have been using for the last many … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-12-4 20:34 by Marq
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MiBuSo: We have Design Patterns forums now!
Let me start by thanking Luc and Alain for making this forum reality. The Dynamics NAV ecosystem is becomming more and more aware of Design patterns and I get almost daily questions about them via mail or other channels. These … Continue reading →
MAXSTRLEN on unlimmited Text variables
It has probably been blogged or posted about, but I must have missed it. While recording a How Do I video for the Address Integration Pattern I noticed that you cannot declare an address array without declaring the length. Here … Continue reading →
RDLC? That’s easy. Everyone can do it…
I typically don’t post about RDLC. That’s why we have Clausl, our top notch expert on the subject. But lately I have the feeling I want to get something out. Even five years after the introduction of RDLC to the … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-12-2 20:26 by Marq
Implementation Pattern #1 | Classes, Methods and Properies
So last week in this post I promissed you to publish the implementation patterns that help you structure your application to achieve repeatable and upgradable solutions that are easy to understand and maintain. Not a big reader? You can watch … Continue reading →
Dynamics NAV in C# | Part 2 | Classes (Continued)
Disclaimer (Repeated): If you are a skilled C# developer, I apologize for any mistakes I made, they we unintentional. :) In my last blogpost I talked about interpreting the table object in NAV as a C# class, how to use … Continue reading →
Posted: 2014-11-29 12:19 by Marq
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Dynamics NAV in C# | Part 2 | Classes (Updated)
Disclaimer: If you are a skilled C# developer, I apologize for any mistakes I made, they we unintentional. :) UPDATE (29/nov/2014): Based on the feedback from Jason Down I changed the C# code to get the number from the number … Continue reading →
2014 Conference season is over, NAVTechDays rocks | What’s up next ?
With NAVTechDays 2014 last week, the conference season for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is officially over. From the perspective of a presenter, NAVTechDays is just amazing. At a cinema with a screen the size of a small house and hundreds of … Continue reading →
An introduction to Repeatable and Upgradable Software Design
Originally posted on Writing Repeatable and Upgradable Software in Microsoft Dynamics NAV : By Mark Brummel Not a big reader? Watch the video of this blog post here. Introduction Partner Ready Software is a community initiative founded by Gary Winter, Mark…
Posted: 2014-11-23 14:50 by Marq
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