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    We are moving the official Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog to the Microsoft Dynamics Community pages HERE (sort of).  You see . . . we've had a mirrored sight on the Dynamics Community pages for some time and many people have been following us there.  But it's probably long over due to officially manage our blog from the Community pages.  The Dynamics GP team has always been a leader and we started this blog before it was popular across Dynamics.  So we started it on MSDN long before there was another method to do so.  Please update your RSS feeds accordingly as we will no longer post our Blog on MSDN.

    This has been a public service announcement  :)

    Pam and Errol

  • GP Now and Next Tour Update


    Our guest speaker today is a Partner Technical Specialist in the US SMB Team, Craig Crescas.  He helped develop a lot of the content for the morning event and is presenting.  I asked him to write some thoughts on the first event we had in Dallas.


    An update from the US SMB field team – get excited about Dynamics GP!

    Last week, in Dallas, was the first event of an 8-city tour titled Dynamics GP NOW and NEXT. As one of the co-presenters at these events, it was extremely exciting for me to witness the tremendous support, attendance from both our partner community along with our product management and development teams. In fact, we had 8 Microsoft team members in the room and sharing the stage.

     What makes this event so unique was providing partners with content and product direction that is new. This, combined with your H1 sales results, we continue to prove our strong foothold in SMB.


    Why should you attend?   The partners who attended Dallas walked away with answers to lingering questions about the short-term and long-term future of our respective businesses. More importantly, they gobbled up the sales and marketing content my team has developed in the last 6 months. If you haven’t seen this content, sign up. You won’t be disappointed.

     Who should attend?  With the two distinct sessions & topics, I strongly encourage anyone selling, presenting or marketing Dynamics GP attend the morning session beginning at 9:00 am. The partners in Dallas rated the morning
    session very high and agreed the new sales resources would positively impact their sales processes immediately.

     While anyone can stay for both sessions, the afternoon session went deep, deep, deep. It was clear the sales and marketing people were lost when the senior developers began showing how we’ve improved the deployment
    and management of the web client. Then again, so was I!  The afternoon is geared toward consultants and developers.

     I hope to see as many more enthusiastic Dynamics GP community members as possible at these events.

    Craig Crescas

  • Announcing Microsoft SMB Live Events Coming to a City Near You!

    Wondering about the broad offering of Cloud solutions (Including Office 365) from Microsoft? Your small and medium business customers are looking for a partner who can help them utilize the latest technology to do more for less. Gain the advantage over your competition at our upcoming SMB Live events and get access to cutting edge technical, sales, and marketing information and resources to help you build a thriving Microsoft practice.

    Dates in your area are listed here.

  • Roadshow Content Review: Part 1


    I've asked the MSDYNGP development team to write up short blog posts on what they will talking about at the roadshow.  This will give consultant an idea of will be covered in the afternoon event that will go pretty deep.  Our first guest blogger is Kevin Racer.




    First let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin Racer and I’m a Senior Program Manager Lead on the Microsoft Dynamics GP team.  I spend my days working on improving our architecture and tools.  Over the last several months we’ve been looking closely at our architecture in order to understand how it can deliver against the rapidly changing technological landscape of today and the foreseeable future.  I think we all recognize the impact Cloud computing has had and will have in the future. In answer to that challenge we’ve begun work on a fundamental transformation of the GP architecture to be more service based.  At this point we are terming it our “Service Based Architecture” feature.  We initially showed a prototype of the architecture at our September Technical Airlift in Fargo and will begin to discuss this in greater depth with our partners on our upcoming seven city partner GP NOW & NEXT roadshow in February. We will also leverage it to support parts of our Convergence future demos in the general session. 

    The Service Based Architecture, codenamed DexNext, is slated for release in calendar Q42 of 2014 and we are well on our way in developing the components that make up this major feature.  The Service Based Architecture has at its core two new capabilities.  First it will enable Partners and ISVs to expose sanScript based logic as a service call.  What I mean by that, simply put is any logic in any GP dictionary can now be accessed externally as a web service through a new procedure type called a Service Procedure.  This is different than our current Web Service model where the logic is duplicated in SQL.  This is the sansScript logic, executing in the dictionary runtime.

    Secondly, to better support these new service calls as well as simplify the calling of other services we are deepening our sanScript level integration to .NET.  Developers will now be able to create and use .NET classes and objects within the runtime model.  This enables them to more fully leverage the windows platform as well as pass complex data structures to service consumers such as companion applications, Azure services and any other service oriented application.

    The Service Based Architecture broadens our ability to interact with the Cloud, provides a connective base for companion application development and greatly broadens our ability to think big about the future of Dynamics GP and the functionality we can begin to build and offer.   Keep watching this blog and others for more details and if you’re a MSDYNGP Partner I’d encourage you to attend one of our GP NOW & NEXT events.

  • Partner Roadshow Update: Important Information!


    Attention all MSDYNGP partners.  We delivered our first roadshow yesterday in Dallas.  We had terrific feedback and the partners who attended were excited. 

    We did however find a communication issue were certain roles didn't know they should attend.  Below I included more information on the roadshow and what content we are providing.  Two important points:

    1.  Our development team is presenting in the afternoon, so we are going deep into the product.

    2.  We will ship Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 in Calendar Q2 of this year and will ship Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 in Q4 of this year.  So we are in a major launch cadence, so lots to learn. 

    Registration Link:

    Morning Session:

    Roles:  Business Leaders, Practice Managers, Presales

    • Leadership & Results
    • Sales & Marketing Resources
    • Sales Excellence
    • MicrosoftDynamics GP Roadmap & Vision

    Afternoon Session:

    Roles:  Presales, Consultants (12:30pm – 4:00pm)

    Consultants would get value from the Roadmap and Vision in the morning. 

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP NOW: 
      • What's New Since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
      • Apps. What is Here and What is Coming. 
      • How to Get Them and Hook Them Up.
      • Cloud on Your Terms:  Web Client on Azure, Office 365
      • EasyOnboard to Web Client!
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP NEXT:
      • What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 (Coming in H1 of Calendar 2014)
      • GP 2015 in H2 of 2014:  Workflow, Identity Management, and More
      • Service Based Architecture


  • Upcoming Learning Events for all #MSDYNGP Customers

    The Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) is holding free Lunch and Learn webcasts between now and June.  These hour long webcasts are designed to help you learn in small chunks and are presented by experts in our community.  It's a great way to learn more ways to get more out of your solution.

    Check it out here:

    Happy Learning!


  • Attention all MSDYNGP Partners: 1/2 Day Session before Convergence

    Monday afternoon, we are holding a 1/2 day partner training for all Microsoft Dynamics GP partners in any role the day before Convergence.

    During this time we will:

    - Go deep into what is coming in the next year from a product perspective for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

    - Give important sales and marketing training

    - Give details about what we will be talking about to your customers so you can be ready to answer their questions.

    GP Partner Connections PreGAME

    Monday, March 3, 2014 12:30 - 5:00 p.m. 
    Omni Hotel at CNN Center
    Click Here to Register Today!

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer NOW AVAILABLE in the Windows Phone Store!

    I am excited to announce the release of Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer to the Windows 8 Phone store!  This release marks another milestone for Dynamics GP team.  Over the past year we have released the complete web client solution, our first Windows 8 companion app, an O365 Dashboard template, and now have released our first application for the Windows 8 phone. This continues our strategy of a web client solution surrounded by the Apps that make sense for the right users.

    Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer for WP8 enables our customers to view and take action on information that is vital for running their businesses right from their Windows 8 Phone.   In today’s mobile environment it is the perfect application to enable users to stay connected to important information at all times.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Now and Next Insights Tour!

    Join the Microsoft Dynamics GP R&D and SMB Field teams at one of the seven cities featured in our upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP Insights tour! Space is limited, so register early to learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP NEXT can advance your business and that of your customers!

    The time to get ready for Microsoft Dynamics GP NEXT is NOW!

    Join us for a full day of insight to:

    • The current and future
      direction of Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • How partners like you are
      leveraging GP 2013 to differentiate themselves in the marketplace
    • The investments, teams and
      resources available to help you go to market, sell and deploy GP 2013 today
    • What’s coming for GP NEXT

    With seven stops on the Now & Next Insights Tour, you have multiple opportunities to engage with your Microsoft R&D and Field teams.

    The events will run from 9:00am – 4:00pm (lunch provided).  Register early to ensure a seat!!

    Audience: Business Leaders, Practice Managers, Presales & Consultants

    Click here for the agenda overview, additional information and registration details.

  • #IfErrolCanDoIt

    I loaded this template on my O365 account, sooooooo  I'm sure you all can.


    At the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift in September we showed the extended value proposition of Microsoft Dynamics GP "IN" Microsoft Office 365 and "ON" Microsoft Azure.

    To help our partners show this value we have provided pre-built dashboards that can be used to create a Microsoft Office 365 Team Site for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  When demoing Microsoft Dynamics GP you should also consider deploying SRS and Excel Reports to Microsoft Office 365 to show the "IN" story.  This is the first iteration of a concept that we will be enhancing in the future.

    Please download and show the dashboards to differentiate yourselves with the "One Business Solution from Microsoft" story.

    Download here.

  • Weekly Topic: RMA Traveler Auto Print

    Did you know that we added a traveler document in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2?  During the Sales Order Processing auto return process, if an RMA is created, now the traveler document will be printed to attach to the returned item saving you valuable time.

  • NEW Microsoft Dynamics GP dashboard templates for Microsoft Office 365 available now

    At the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift in September we showed the extended value proposition of Microsoft Dynamics GP "IN" Microsoft Office 365 and "ON" Microsoft Azure.

    To help our partners show this value we have provided pre-built dashboards that can be used to create a Microsoft Office 365 Team Site for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  When demoing Microsoft Dynamics GP you should also consider deploying SRS and Excel Reports to Microsoft Office 365 to show the "IN" story.  This is the first iteration of a concept that we will be enhancing in the future.

    Please download and show the dashboards to differentiate yourselves with the "One Business Solution from Microsoft" story.

    Download here.



  • Weekly Topic: Web Client Management Council

    The management console is a web application that gives you the control you need to manage your web client environment.  You can manage users, sessions, initiate session logging, and manage application tenant configuration through the Session Manager and Tenant Manager. The extensible snap in model of the console also gives ISVs and application developers the opportunity to create custom snap ins to give you even more control of your web client environment.

    In other words, you can see who is logged in, how long they have been in, what company/tenant they are using.  You can also kick them out if you want.

    Here's what it looks like:

  • Weekly Topic: Web Client UI

    Did you know that the web client has functionality that the desktop client doesn't?  With the new user interface of the web client we were able to give you a ribbon look and feel along with tabs to have additional fields.  The desktop client forms automatically convert into this new interface, so customers don't have to do anything.

    We have had a lot of positive feedback around this topic and customers wanting this for the desktop client.

    Here's what it looks like:


  • Weekly Topic: Named Database

    Welcome to our weekly topic on Web Client.

    One of the features we added was Named System Database.  It was mainly to make Web Client and hosting multiple customers in the same environment but it also has many other uses. 

    Now you can have your Dynamics database named what you want it to be named.  So if you have a lot of companies your can organize them into groups for easier maintenance.  For example if you are not doing payroll in all companies you can put those in a separate dynamics database and you will be able to do payroll tax updates for just the companies you need.

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